Salmath endorsment and new gigs - 05 Nov 2006

First of all we are proud to annouce that Emil is now officially endorsed by Salmath Guitars. He's currently using their "Lucifer" model. More info available here;

We have also booked two new gigs, one on November 17th in Umeċ, Studion/folk with Steel Attack headlining and one on Febuary 23rd in Gothenburg with Engel. Check the "GIGS" section for more details.

Jerky Dang Record Deal - 06 Oct 2006

ZONARIA has inked a deal for the release of the Rendered in Vain CDs with swedish label SWEDMETAL RECORDS. The release date is yet to come and there will be enough cds för everybody. It will be sold here at and at, be sure to check out our website daily to recieve more information about the release date.

Until then: Cheers from the four musketeers!

Zonaria on the radio - 05 Oct 2006

Hi everyone!

We recently got a gig booked in Hudiksvall, Sweden. it's on thursday next week - so be there and mosh as hell.

One more review is also online, from Check it out under Media.

We also recently got air time on G-Radio. Wich also is listenable on the net; You should check them out!

Over and out!

Jerky dang darn! - 22 Sep 2006

These last days have been so great for the band since we received the best reviews in the history of the band. First of all; those of you who read the biggest swedish heavy metal magazine Sweden Rock Magazine have seen our picture as the most interesting demo of the month, with a big picture and great words said - Read it here.

We also recieved our first full score review from Metal Silvae whom gave Rendered in Vain 5 points 5, read here.

Also, an new interview with Emil can be read here.

To get you updated on the gigfront; we have booked a gig in Skellefteċ 18 november. More info on this gig to come soon!

Haxxx0r and reviews - 07 Sep 2006

Some of you might have visited our site today and noticed that we got hacked. We have now taken care of it and praise to everything possible that no other complete moron takes his time hacking our site.

Anyways - to positive news; we have uploaded a bunch of new reviews. Still going strong with only positive criticism and high grades. Among the high grades you can find one more 5/6 and one more 9/10. Of course loads of other new reviews are online as well.

We can also reveal that we are discussing with a label on a full-length album. More info on that to come later.

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