New Album Being Mixed!!! + More News!! - 01 Feb 2007

As I'm writing this our man Jonas Kjellgren is sitting in his Black Lounge Studios (Scar Symmetry, Sonic Syndicate, Carnal Forge) mixing our new album. For all we know we put our life in his hands, and we're certain that the final product will be amazing. We are as excited as you are to hear the final results. Hopefully he's finished with it this weekend.

We've also got more stuff in the works: Music videos. For the last few weeks, we have been planning and discussing music videos for the upcoming album. We have some cool ideas and Standard Film Team also have some really awsome ideas. So we are really looking forward to woking with them again. Its going to be a blast and for sure we're gonna turn out with a good video for the song "Armageddon Anthem" which will also be the first single from our debut album!

Even though the album will be finished this coming weeks and we'll record a music video the coming months the album wont be released until September this year. Yeah, we know, its too far away. But its the only solution - cause we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to buy the album. For those who cant wait - we'll probably do some summer festival shows this year and some one off gigs whenever we get the chance. So keep updated on our website and myspace page for more gig information. There are some plans in the works, but we wil post things as they are confirmed.

Zonaria has also been hand selected to have their video for the song "Rendered in Vain" featured on the video game, The Darkness, whose developers may be known for the highly acclaimed Playstation/XBOX game The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay.

"This opportunity to be part of a video game is really exciting. Its another dream come true. I've always wanted to be part of a video game, and now our music is on it. You got to check the game out when its released. I know for sure its going to be killer. And if you don't like the game, at least you'll like the music on it. I also know the guys from Blinded Colony have their video on it, so it will be packed with amazing bands."

Cheers and thanks to all!

Emil Nyström + Zonaria

Recordings finished, last studio update available! - 13 Dec 2006

We had a blast recording with Per (Nilsson, Scar Symmetry) in Kabyss studios. The tracks have really grown since we first did the preproduction some months ago. He's knowledge has been really good for us and for our musical development.

We ran into loads of technical problems on the way, especially with the drum recording sessions... luckily we got out of it - not just alive and kicking, but with a damn good album in our hands. The guitars are going to be damn heavy and damn groovy, the drums are so tight and sound so pummeling that you'll be thrown off your chair and the vocals will go above and beyond everything!! During the recording process we learned loads of new stuff and developed as musicians a great deal. It feels really great being able to experience this, with such an experienced and good studio technician/producer.

After these two weeks of recording we got a result we're really satisfied with. It’s a real relief that it all turned out so much better than we had hoped from the beginning. Now we're all waiting for Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry) to do the mixing of the album in Black Lounge Studios. If everything goes as planned it will be finished, mixed and mastered in the beginning of February 2007.

For now, we hope you enjoy the second studio video we recorded during the studio sessions!

Studio diary! - 21 Nov 2006

For those who didn't know it - we have put a studio diary online where you can read all about our dirty mischiefs in the studio. To find out more press the "Studio Diary" button on the left side of this news update.

Take care!

/Emil and Simon

Zonaria signs with Pivotal Rockordings - 16 Nov 2006

Following text is copied from Blabbermouth;
Swedish death metal act ZONARIA has inked a deal with Pivotal Rockordings. The band will enter Black Lodge Studios (SCAR SYMMETRY, CENTINEX) on November 20 with producer Per Nilsson (SCAR SYMMETRY) to begin the tracking its as-yet-untitled album for a late spring release. The mixing will be handled by Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY, CENTINEX, ex-CARNAL FORGE).

Commented guitarist Emil Nyström: "We are really excited about the signing with Pivotal Rockordings. We have been in talks with them for quite a while and it didn't take long before we realized that they were the right label to release our debut album. We've grown really fond of the personnel and the way they work. They are really willing to go 100% for ZONARIA!

"The recording is starting this Monday, November 20th! It's been quite hectic the last weeks, loads of rehearsing. How this release from the 'Rendered in Vain' single is that we're not recording it ourselves, but we are working with Per Nilsson, which is going to be a blast! We are also expecting major miracles from Jonas Kjellgren behind the mixing tables! We really love all his work and we're confident that he'll do some really great things with our songs! The artwork will of course be handled by Seth, and we are really looking forward to what he can create for our debut!

"We are all very excited to hear what the new album will sound like and are equally excited to dive into the recording process! Especially since we all have developed a lot, not just as musicians and composers: but in all ways! So this debut is going to be the pay off for all the hard work we have put into this band! The metal community can expect a great album in late spring of 2007 and loads of shows in all of Europe. We are planning tours already."

Rendered in Delay - 13 Nov 2006

Bad news! The release of Rendered in Vain has been delayed from November 2006 to a now unknown date. Let's hope that it comes out before the year ends!

As previously announced: We are playing this friday on this years edition of the Shadow of Metal festival in Umeå, Sweden. Other bands that will play that evening include; Steel Attack, Destynation, Dirty Mischief, Pravednost. It's going to be an amazing evening so make sure to be there!

Without revealing to much, I can tell you that we have great things coming up in the world of Zonaria. We are planning tours for 2007, new merchandise soon, and maybe a full length record deal too? Stay tuned to find out!

/Emil and Band

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