New medley online - 26 Jun 2007

We have now put up a medley containing various audio samples from their upcomming debut album, Infamy And The Breed, on our MYSPACE PAGE (

Emil Nyström comments on the medley:
"As a thank you to all of our 2,000+ fans that came to check out “Descend Into Chaos” last month, we decided to post this little teaser which has clips from three songs from our new album! Stay tuned, because we will be posting a new song on our myspace page again next month, and it will stay up 'till the release, so we look forward to hearing what people think of that! Finally, we'll be shooting a video for the song “The Armageddon Anthem” with Standard Film Team, who did our last video for the song “Rendered in Vain”! They did a great job on that, so we are really excited to see what they can do for the first single from Infamy And The Breed!

Zonaria has recently been praised by numerous metal icons including Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity, Laethora), who declares that the band's upcomming debut "stands head and shoulders above most of other releases in a genre that rarely offers anything fresh or exciting these days.” Infamy And The Breed was recorded by Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) and mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry) at Black Lounge Studios (Scar Symmetry, Sonic Syndicate).

INFAMY AND THE BREED Tracklisting Available, "Descend Into Chaos" Posted Online For The Weekend - 23 May 2007

Swedish death metal quartet ZONARIA will unleash their debut album Infamy And The Breed on September 3 (UK), 4 (North America), and 7 (rest of Europe) through Pivotal Rockordings (BLINDED COLONY, SONIC SYNDICATE). The song "Descend Into Chaos" can be heard on the band's OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE. Guitarist Emil Nyström commented the following on the up-coming release.

"We have been waiting with such anticipation over the last few weeks to finally not only put up a brand new, skull-crushing track on our OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE, but also release the album title and the track listing to all of our fans who have been patiently waiting for brand new material from ZONARIA. We encourage everyone to give us feedback and to let us know what they think of the new song. We can assure each and every one of you that the wait will be well worth it and "Descend Into Chaos" is just a small taste of the full on assault that is Infamy And The Breed.

The track listing for Infamy And The Breed is as follows:

1. Infamy
2. The Last Endeavor
3. Pandemic Assault
4. The Armageddon Anthem
5. Rendered In Vain
6. Image Of Myself
7. Evolution Overdose
8. Attending Annihilation (featuring Christian Ålvestam, Scar Symmetry)
9. Descend Into Chaos (Available For Streaming FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY)
10. Ravage The Breed
11. The Black Omen
12. Everything Is Wasteland
13. Misery Dive (Japanese Bonus Track)

A video of ZONARIA performing "The Last Endeavor" can be viewed both on the band's OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE and the Pivotal Rockordings YouTube Channel.

Infamy And The Breed was recorded by Per Nilsson (SCAR SYMMETRY) and mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY) at Black Lounge studios in Gälve Sweden. Infamy And The Breed will once again be released on the following dates in the following regions.

United Kingdom: September 3, 2007
North America: September 4, 2007
Europe: September 7, 2007
Japan: TBA

Zonaria Post "Last Endeavor" Live Video Online! - 21 Mar 2007

Zonaria guitarist Emil Nyström has updated the band's OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE:

'We are happy to announce that today we have posted a live video for the song "The Last Endeavor" !! This video comes off our recent appearance at the Shadow Of Metal festival in our hometown of Umeå, Sweden. The link can be viewed both our Official Myspace Page and on the Pivotal Rockordings YouTube Channel.

We know that a lot of fans will have a bit of a wait until the cd drops in September, but we hope that this awesome live clip will be able to tide people over for a bit until we post a few songs online during the summer! We got a lot of great feedback from the fans that came and listened to "Evolution Overdose" while it was up a few weeks ago and we can assure our fans that if you liked "Evolution Overdose" you haven't heard the best, which is coming soon!'

Zonaria also recently have locked up a booking deal with Go Down Believing Booking and the band expects to hit the road in the fall on a tour in support of their as-of-yet untitled debut release!

Evolution Overdose Online for the weekend! - 23 Feb 2007

Swedish death metal masters ZONARIA have uploaded the track "Evolution Overdose" from their upcomming debut album through Pivotal Rockordings onto their myspace site for a limited time. Guitarist Emil Nyström had the following to say:

"Some of you older fans might recognize 'Evolution Overdose' from our demo. However this version has been beefed up in the studio and sounds better than ever! It will only be out on our myspace, so be sure to check it out there! Its not going to be one of our album singles or video tracks, and it will only be up for a few days, so make sure to check it out while you can!"

Zonaria has also put out new merchandise available to order only through the official website. Please visit the link below for ordering information:

Zonaria's as-of-yet untitled debut release is set to hit streets sometime in September of this year and was recorded in November 2006 with Jonas Kjellgren and Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry. The video for the Zonaria song "Rendered In Vain" will be featured in the video game "The Darkness" which also comes out in the fall and will be available on XBOX360 as well as Playstation 3.

New merchandice, new song up late february - 21 Feb 2007

Zonaria fans!

We have launched new merchandice at our shop! Please go and check it out, so if you are interested in getting some Zonaria merch, be sure to place an order!

Also, we'll be launching a new song for all you fans to listen to on Feb 23rd. It is brand-new from our upcoming album (out this fall) and will only be on myspace untill Tuesday the 27th, so you all should have plenty of time check it out! It will only be out on our myspace , so be sure to check it
out there!

/Emil and Zonaria

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