FAQ's - 03 Dec 2012

Previous updates from the band about member changes has posed some FAQ's, the band answers them here.

Will Zonaria cancel any booked shows?
No the band will not do this, we have temps that can jump in if so would be needed.

Will Zonaria audition new members?
Yes we are currently trying out some persons from around town to see if they might fit in the band. When the band have any news about new members we will post this.

Is it possible to audition for Zonaria?
Yes is if you live in the nearby area and think you're up for the job send us a message!

When is Zonaria's next tour?
Keep your eyes open for the spring!

Sad news - 30 Nov 2012

Zonaria announces today that they will part ways with drummer Emanuel ‘’Cebbe’’ Isaksson and Guitarist Emil Nystöm. Emil Nystöm comments the following.
”So it’s time for me to take a break. I’ve been at this for the better part of 10 years. Through Zonaria I’ve learned to know some great friends for life. I’ve just come to that point in my life where I feel that I can put in the effort and time that Zonaria requires. At the moment I’m focusing on my media production company and Zonaria needs someone who is in it full hearted, like I’ve been before. Zonaria will is still in my heart and the guys in the band are still great friends of mine.

First of all I’d like to thank all our fans, FRIENDS and people we’ve worked with through out the years. You’ve given me some of my greatest memories and 8 great european tours I’ll never forget. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

Thanks and all the best!”
Bassist Max Malmer commented.
‘’It’s a sad day announcing that this happened, it feels like parting ways with a great couple of friends. Which it of course is, even though we still will be seeing each other.
This wasn’t what we wanted but it will be for the better of the band in the long term. Emil and Cebbe just didn’t have the time anymore to dedicate their lives to the band. Things in life change so we must move on.
This changes nothing for the future of the band though, we will still go on as usual me and Simon! I will see you guys on the road.’’
Emanuel ‘’Cebbe’’ Isaksson commented the following.
‘’So this is it, my time to step down as the drummer of Zonaria. Its truly been a blast and an huge part of my life the last seven years but I've reached a point where I had to make a choice.
I'm away a lot with my job which makes it hard to put the necessary time and energy into Zonaria and also makes my home time that much more precious.
I also don't want to in any way, now that the new album has been released, hold back the rest of the guys from gigs and/or tours because I'm away.

I want to thank my brothers in Zonaria that I've shared all these great experiences with, along with all the great people we've worked with, bands and crews we've toured with and of course all fans around the world for supporting us!

If anybody ever wanna say hi or grab a beer sometime, you can still catch me on the road as drum tech currently for Immortal, Hypocrisy and Pain among others.’’
The band states that it will not be canceling any shows or stop any process in the band.
The band also states that the process of finding new members to fill the void is in progress and new members will be announced as soon as the process is done.

House of Metal - 04 Nov 2012

Today it became official that Zonaria will play the House of Metal festival in Umeå. The festival will take place the 1th and 2nd of march 2013.

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Nordic Rage Festival - 16 Sep 2012

Zonaria is confirmed for Bodens Nordic Rage Festival the 24th of november. This festival will be the bands first festival on the new album cycle.

Zonaria är nu bekräftade att spela på Bodens Nordic Rage Festival den 24 november. Detta kommer att vara bandets första festivalspelning på den nya album cykeln.

New music video - 01 Sep 2012

The new Zonaria video is now avalibe.

You can watch it at this link : Zonaria new music video

Directed and produced by Jacob Arevärn.

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