Tour is over

18 Feb 2011

Tonight in Hannover, the 24th gig of the tour, we celebrated our 200th gig of our carrear. It was a cool show with some pranking involved. I got a nice polish tattoo on my chest while the others looked like a bunch of Pippi Longstockings on hormones.

Then after a long battle with a few airline websites we finally emerged victorius with all the tickets needed for the three flights home to Umeň where -22 degrees celsius awaits. Time now to say good-bye to everyone and head for the airport to sleep.

Can┤t wait to get home and start working on new material and finishing the new album. Then sometime in May we may even see spring arrive. Also Caleb hit a dog in the face today.


Belgium showdown

15 Feb 2011

Its only two shows left on the tour now. And tonight were rockin in Belgium - so we thought we'd post a little video showing how the club is and how we get to live during the days on tour.



14 Feb 2011

So today we played in Rotterdam, Holland. It was a good day from the start, seeing as we had dutch delights such as hagelslag, stroopwafels and pindakaas for breakfast. Once the doors opened, the venue filled up quickly. We had a good gig in front of a packed house, and it was great to get back on the stage after yesterday's cancellation!

Right now we're in the bus having a few beers. (Except for Max who caught some germs from an evil gypsy who hexed his soul and made him...feverish...and shit.) So he is sleeping in his bunk. Speaking of bunks, after a month on this tour, our bunks and the sleeping area in general are pretty dirty, unorganized and smell like wet shit. But since we only have two gigs left on this tour, no one really has any interest in cleaning it.


London show cancellation

13 Feb 2011

Due to bus problems upon arrival in Scotland very early this morning, and the inability to get a repair truck out before the next afternoon, we have been forced to forgo our London gig at The Academy tonight. We are deeply sorry to all who who came out to see us and we will definitely be back to London as soon as we can. Keep it loud!


Day of evil

13 Feb 2011

Our target was set for Belfast and after today we've finished our first ever visit on Irish soil. We had a quite new experience today since we started playing at 16.00 hours. Usually our show starts somewhere around 20.00-21.00 but today was different.

Evil as we are, the light of day seamed rather bright to your eyes. Though we still took us the time to take a trip out in the city of Belfast practicing some evil mischiefs and lawbreaking, except Max who stayed in the bus due to illness. Statement from Max on the matter: ZzZzZzzzz.....

Oooh, and watch out - Nosferatu has incarnated and lures somewhere on a ferry on the way between Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Ireland visit nr 1

11 Feb 2011

Just had the first Irish Zonaria gig ever. And man - we're coming back.
We've had a great day since we got up this morning! Started off with taking a walk downtown here in Dublin finding this amazing milkshake place called Shakes. I can highly recommend this place if you ever visit Dublin - or if you live here and haven't checked it out yet!

We also found a music store with hellish amount of guitars where Caleb walked around drooling over one after the other. quote of the day: "I wish I had more money!" - Caleb

Later on before the just before the gig me (Emanuel), Caleb and our sound engineer Murph (The Law) went out to get some fresh Irish beer and since Murph is from just Dublin did he know the right place! This was something me and Caleb had looked forward to the whole tour, drinking Irish beer in Ireland in a very Irish bar! It was a good experience which I give 5 out of 5 leprechauns!


Power breakdown

10 Feb 2011

We had a quite funny experience in Novara, Italy the other day. We started playing our last song, Rendered in Vain. Just as any other day on the tour. When we come to the end of the song, the last beat, the last cymbal hit from Cebbe - all power in the whole venue dies. Power to the lights, to the amplifiers and PA. Everything just died.

As you can see in the videos below the power went out the exact second as the song ended. Its so tight that it looks as thou it was planned.


Tour bus guide

09 Feb 2011

Caleb giving you all a guide through our tour bus!


A Day in Wales

09 Feb 2011

We left the European mainland at 6 am yesterday morning and started our boat trip to the cliffs of dover. It's our second time ever in Wales and last time we played the mighty Hammerfest. Yesterday was not worse in any way. Sound was terrible but the crowd was beyond great!

The backstage room was something out of the ordinary - we had a full size bar to our selves. And we all know what that means...


In Holland today

07 Feb 2011

Today we're rocking out in Holland. Here is a clip of Cebbe showing you the venue.


En boll

06 Feb 2011

So today we had an epic BBQ session just outside Basel, Switzerland with our bros in Arcturon. Much beer was consumed whilst hiding out in their bomb shelter listening to metal. Win.


First real post: In Italy

05 Feb 2011

So, we're in Italy today. Here is Caleb Bingham checkin in from the road.


Welcome to the Zonarian log

24 Jan 2011

Hey everyone. We are currently on the road with Nile, Melechesh, Dew-Scented and Darkrise and are having a hell of a time. This blog is intended to be your number one source of whats happening in the Zonaria camp.


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