The Red Sun Tour - 12 Sep 2013

We proudly announce our first full European tour on our latest record:

Zonaria + Hateform + All Dogmas We Hate THIS NOVEMBER !
Dates will be announced in few days!
We've still have a couple shows available, so if you're a venue/promoter... please contact us at

Zonaria TV 2013 Episode 1 - 06 Sep 2013

We are proud to announce the first Zonaria TV episode since 2011!

It includes interviews with our new members and much more.


Click here to watch the video!

New guitarist announced! - 30 Aug 2013

We proud to announce Caleb Andrew Bingham as our new(old) lead guitarist!

Caleb has been playing on and off with the band since 2010, has now moved to Sweden and will now be a permanent part of Zonaria.

Quote from bassist Max Malmer:
We are very pleased to be able to announce this. We are all very happy with the decision!

Quote from Caleb himself:
After 3 years of battling the authorities I've finally arrived in Sweden for good. Looking forward to being involved with the band on a regular basis and this should mean a great deal more gigs with the band from now on. Hope to see you all on the road!

Zonaria confirmed for The Underwall Festival 2013 Zadar, Croatia - 20 Aug 2013

The band was just confirmed for The Underwall Festival 2014 in Zadar, Croatia.
The festival stated:


Just decided... Zonaria, melodic death metal band from Sweden, Umeň will be our first announced band. We somehow found an additional festival slot for these great Swedish musicians, just few days after we finalized booking process for 2014 festival edition.

Zonaria Live in Umeň, Scharinska Villan - 09 Aug 2013

The band will preform in it's hometown of Umeň the 16/8 -2013.

Find more info on the poster:

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