Pemgsjö - 28 Mar 2006

Rock! As you might know we have a gig coming up on Saturday. The gig will take place in Pengsjö and we’ll start playing 18.00. Unfortunately, we only get 30 minutes to perform, but we’ll do our best. Make sure to be there or else. For more information visit

Photo session, booklet design! - 28 Mar 2006

Hey guys! We’re currently working hard in many ways with the band. Earlier this week we had a photo session with Nik from Nikdesign, the photos became wonderful and some of them will be put online soon. The production of the demo is working great as well. We are 100% finished with everything except for the booklet, which will be finished this weekend and then sent do the printer. Extremely soon we’ll also sell some t-shirts and hoods here on the site. We have also uploaded a new Guestbook, check it out!

Gustav leaves... - 28 Mar 2006

Gustav Svensson left his place as session keyboard player to concentrate on his other band Comara. If you know how to handle the keyboard - Contact us.

New drummer - 28 Mar 2006

Emanuel "Cebbe" Isaksson is the new drummer of Zonaria. We are currently reahearsing and will probably be able to accept more gigs pretty soon! If you want us to play near you, pleas send all contact information about your local arranger to us here.

Site is online - 28 Mar 2006

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