The shop opens! - 28 Mar 2006

Its here! The official Zonaria shop has open. Now can you order your copy of the Evolution Overdose CD and a T-shirt. Our hoods are however sold out.

New gig in Umeå - 28 Mar 2006

Zonaria is confirmed for a gig in Umeå with great death metal acts as Centienx, Souldrainer and Ghamorean. The gig will take place 9 november in Studion, Folkets hus. Make sure you're in the front row banging your head!

More reviews - 28 Mar 2006

NORDIC RAGE! - 28 Mar 2006

If you wanted to know... Zonaria is now confirmed for Nordic Rage in Boden. We will play along with great bands as Dismember, Nocturnal Rites and Crucified Barbara. For more info – visit

Edge Festival and new shirts - 28 Mar 2006

Hey you! We had a great time rocking the inhabitants of Pengsjö! On top of that, we have been booked for this year’s edition of Edge festival. This time it’s not on the demo-stage, but on the main stage. The gig will take place 19 august.

In other news, we will receive good lookin’ Zonaria shirts this week. You will be able to buy them on this site as soon as they’ve arrived.

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