Info on new release, Täfteåfestivalen and tour images - 16 May 2006

Also some other things being worked on right now, one of those is the new website that will be online sometime in a near future.

In other news; We have been booked for this years edition of Täfteåfestivalen. Last year 1500 person attended the festival. Those of you who live nearby should bring your asses to our show there. We don’t now what time we’ll play or on wich day of the festival. But we’ll publish it on the site as soon as we know.

We have also added som pictures from our tour in the tour dairy, check 'em out!

Thats all for now! Cheers!

Two weeks off - 07 May 2006

After this wonderful weekend in Lycksele and Kiruna, we now have two weeks off. We would like to thank all you guys who turned up on the gigs and made this such a great weekend.

we also would like to thank the guys in Evermoore for a extreamly fun evening after the show in Kiruna and the guys in Megin for arrangeing the gig in Lycksele.

Now we're re-loading for the kulturnatta gig wich hopefully will beat all the previous gig's we've done. So we hope to see you all there.

We are now planning how the upcoming single will be handeled. So within a short future we'll let you know how the story of Zonaria will contiue. But currently we have tons of details to discuss and millions of minor ajustments to do before we can reach perfection.


End of tour - 04 May 2006

The tour is now over and we thank Impaled Nazarene, Resurrecturis and the tourcrew for two wonderful weeks! I just got home a couple of hours ago recharging for the two Swedish gigs this weekend.

We also got the other bands for the Kulturnatta gig confirmed today. The line-up is as follows: Satariel, My Own Grave, Nightscape, Spinning Black Circle, Lethal, Evermoore and of course our best friends in Torn Apart.

Jonas Kjellgren of Black Lounge studios is currently wasting his time mixing the new songs. According to him they'll be finished in two weeks at the most!

More news to follow!

Swizerland gig cancelled - 22 Apr 2006

Zonaria on tour with Impaled Nazarene - 18 Apr 2006

Zonaria is now booked for a european tour as opening act for Impaled Nazarene. We will also meet up with the legendary Macabre for a couple of gigs a long the way. The tour will take place 22 april to 02 may and the dates follows:

22.04. Wil (SUI) - Remise
23.04. Turin (I) Club tba
25.04. Wermelskirchen (GER) Club Bahndamm + MACABRE, JUNGLE ROT
26.04. Karlsruhe (GER) Club Katakombe + MACABRE, JUNGLE ROT
27.04. (GER) -tba
28.04. Passau/Hauzenberg (GER) Walpurgis Metaldays
29.04. Ljubljana (SLO)
30.04. Zagreb (CRO) Club Mochvara
01.05. Belgrad (SERB) – tba
02.05. Budapest (HUN) Club tba

Due to the tour Zonaria will have to cancell the gig with Dismember 23 april. But Assailant and Torn Apart will fill out the missing spot that we left behind us.

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