Time to get "up to date"! - 22 Jul 2006

Hi! Time to update you once more.

We are currently working alot on many levels! At first we have to inform you that Simon have finished three new tracks and also started on a fourth track. All these four tracks are real killers, so you have a really good full-length album to look forward to.

On other news we are working hard on promoting the new Rendered in Vain single. Therefore we have some new reviews to update you with. So far so good - only good reviews have been written. We have recieved one 4.5/5, one 9/10, one 5/6, one more 4/5, one more 8/10 and one 7/10. Also loads of praises on reviews where the writer don't put grades on the albums. You can check out all these under the "MEDIA"-section.

New reviews online - 29 Jun 2006

Hi everyone! We have got our first reviews on the Rendered in Vain single now!

The first one was from were we got 4/5. Its available HERE if you scroll a bit down on the page.

The second one we got was from Metal Forever. Its in Czech, we got 8/10 points and its available HERE. If there is anyone out there who is able to translate the review we'd be thankful!

The third, and last review we have got so far was from Urkraft. They gave us 3/5 and the review is available HERE. We also got the nomination "Best band at the moment".

New homepage, new tracks, music video online - 19 Jun 2006

Hi there everyone! Time to blow your minds off! As you might have noticed - our new website is finally online!...

And to celebrate this, we have updated our Myspace site with 2 new tracks from the upcoming single "Rendered in Vain". Either you can click the banner to the left or you can visit it through the adress;

Aah... i almost forgot; the video is also finished. You can eather check it out on our Myspace site here or check it out at Youtube HERE.

Music video and new website - 12 Jun 2006

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not keeping you updated the latest three weeks. But this is what have happened since last time; Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry, Centinex, Carnal Forge, Steel Attack, Incapacity, Altaria) is finished with the mixing of the "Rendered in Vain"-Single. Now were only waiting for Peter In de Betou of Tailormaid (Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir, Dismember, Meshuggah, Hypocrisy and more) to do the mastering. After that you will be able to listen to the tracks on the website and on Myspace.

This weekend we also recorded a music video of the title track Rendered in Vain together with Standard Film Team. We hope to be able to publish the video on the website very soon.

The last thing we have for you today is that we're working really hard together with the E2Media designteam (Children of Bodom, One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, Nightscape, Zeenon, The Ring) on the upcoming website wich looks amazing. So keep updated the coming days on the site.

New shirts, new gig - 24 May 2006

Zonaria have now recieved the new "Attending Annihilation" t-shirts wich is limited to 20 copies, so if you want you're copy you should act fast. Other things coming up: We have been confirmed for a gig in vännäs the 13th june!

Also: a new website design is on it's way.

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