New Merchandise - 06 Aug 2014

The band has now made a new piece of merch available for sale in the new webshop.

The shop can be found on this link: Zonaria Webshop

Snapchat - 22 Jul 2014

Zonaria is officially on snapchat!
Yes you heard right. The band now has a snapchat.
Our snapname is ZonariaOfficial, add us and join the fun.

Webshop - 08 Jul 2014

Today the band opened a new merch shop which can be found at this link:

There's one feature design available right now on sale:

A message to The Zonarians - 30 Jun 2014

Lankafest 20140711 - 24 Jun 2014

Zonaria is playing Lankafest the 11th of July.

The band will enter the stage at: 20:30

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