In other news..

01 Dec 2011

So in other news my new band project Folkmord just released our new demo, check that out!

Also worth knowing: Uppdates on the progress on Zonarias record is soon to come!

The Predator

A productive day.

17 Nov 2011

So today was a very productive day. We rehearsed all of the new song from the coming album AND we got alot of new stuff chopped down for the next next coming album ( Yes we have already started the writing process ).
I can't wait untill we get it released, you have indeed something to look forward to this album is going to be AWESOME.

The Predator

The EPIC feeling of finished master

09 Nov 2011

As the title suggests this is epic day when the master for the new album finally is finished. I guess that there not much to say then that it sounds awesome. In fact it sounds so awesome that it’s EPIC.
Stay tuned for the release date! This is nothing that you would want to miss.


The Predator

Under the needle

24 Mar 2011

So i've finally started to finnish off my left sleeve tatto after having a break from the needle since before we left for the tour. And it feels good to start again! Well, it does hurt I guess but its nice to see it all come together instead of having mostly lines on my upper arm!

I'm already planing the future tattoos and I can't wait to get started, but more on that later!

Now I'm soon off to the Zonaria HQ to meet with the guys and jam some!




15 Mar 2011

Today we rearranged the rehearsal room. We've got it looking quite rock and roll in
there. Chill pad on one end, tech area on the other. Fridge. TV. Wine stash. Drum
riser in the middle. It's feeling more like a venue and slightly less like an
operating room. Now if we can just get those damn flourescent lights out of there it
should be pretty comfy... What can I say? I'm a sucker for proper lighting in the
work place.

Caleb Bingham


13 Mar 2011

So now after the tour I'm gonna continue with my second sleeve tattoo
which has been in progress since late 2010! I'm so stoked to get it done
and its gonna be Totalicus Epicus!

Gonna upload some photos when its done but for now, here is a photo of my
first sleeve!

Its all done an AMAZING artist called Anders and has a studio in Holmsund
just outside of Umeå called Port Royal Tattoo. For more info check out!


80's Mode

07 Mar 2011

The last couple of months I've been in a real 80's metal and rock mode. Pretty much only listening to the rock/metal hits that killed a couple of ozone layers 25 years ago.

For me its very important that I get to listen to some melodic music in between the extreme metal tours we're on with the band. Gives me inspiration and keeps me pumped up for the shows that's about to come. sometimes I also find it more relaxing than other forms of metal ;-) .

Anyways - Today's soundtrack is provided by Norwegian TNT.

Emil Nyström

Camera issues

05 Mar 2011

I'm starting to get some abstinence. I love my camera and use it a couple of times every week. I use it for all my pictures and most of the Zonaria clips we've used for Zonaria TV. But after the tour the bayonet of the lens got a crack and broke down like Lemmy does when he don't get his Jack and Coke.

I had to send it to the repair shop and now I've been over a week without a camera. And taking pictures with my cellphone isn't even close to as satisfying. Works perfect for games thou!

Emil Nyström

The Magic of Touring

01 Mar 2011

The touring fingers are starting to itch more and more for every day that goes. I'm not saying that touring life is as pretty as baby bottoms, it's definitely not. But the good 40 minutes on stage makes up for all the bad shit that happens during the day. This show we had in Romania is a great example of that.

It all started early morning when we woke up. Both buses we're late as hell and kept driving in turtle tempo rest of the day. For some reason they haven't invented tractors to get the snow off the roads in Romania.

We were supposed to load in our gear at 13.00 but arrived at the club at around 19.30. That means 30 minutes after doors were supposed to open. Funny enough, the club was packed already when we started loading in our gear.

So the crew starts loading in the gear and puts up the whole stage set in pretty much no time at all. Darkrise does a quick sound check and starts off the gig about 1½ hour after the set show time. The whole day was just a long wait and lots of stress.

But once Darkrise finished playing and our intro starts blowing the speakers - all bad feelings of stress and irritation are gone with the wind. And even if you end up with the shittiest light, no room to move on the stage, cables buzzing and even if you don't hear jack shit on stage you still feel like its the best day ever.

The magic of touring...

Emil Nyström

Top five crappy beers!

01 Mar 2011

Touring = AAALOT of beer. Even if a bad beer is nice. It's still bad beer. So I dedicate todays post to all the bad beer we've been drinking the last couple of tours!

# 5. 5,2:an

# 4. Stella Artois

# 3. Carling

# 2. The Rock - Never do as this club tried, never try to make your own beer!!

# 1. (and worst beer ever) Coors Light - Is it filthy water? Is it piss? has someone throw up in my soda? No, Its just Cools Light!


Monday morning soundtrack!

01 Mar 2011

Walking up early heading for your 9-5 workday needs a heavy soundtrack!

Todays choice of drug: Iron Maiden - Wasted Years.

Emil Nyström

From the road!

27 Feb 2011

Instead of giving you yet another update from the sickhouse I call home I thought I'd post just a pair of pictures that I took during last months tour. As many of the readers already know I've always loved taking pictures and travelling across Europe really gives a great oportunity to develope and abuse the shutter.

I've previously been asked alot of times what gear I use:
To make it easy when travelling I only carry my Nikon D90 and a 18-105 lens with me. Perfect all around kit and I dont have to carry around a 20 kilo bag with camera equipment everywhere.

Emil Nyström

No rest for the wicked!

25 Feb 2011

No rest for the wicked! You might think that you've earned a little break
just after the tour but that is not the case! As usual its to much boring
stuff to take care such as papers, logistics and other Gypsy-traps. But
this all makes the fun parts even better so not to much to complain about!
Maybe except my fail of the day which consisted of me going to an office
to turn in some paperwork and the person responsible was out sick...note
to self: Call first to make sure! Lucky I had like one billion other stuff
to do downtown otherwise I'd been wasting a lot of time...


Irish death virus

25 Feb 2011

Max checking in here, I am still ill from the virus I picked up in Dublin - but that don't stop me from wanting to get out on the road again. I miss the amazing toilets, the stunning food, the lovely sleep you get on he moveing bus and most of all the awesome oder coming from the buss toilet.

And as respons to Emils video post yesterday:

By the way I walked straight into a door today… Fucking brilliant.

The Predator

Live video

24 Feb 2011

Found this live-video from our show in Rotterdam a couple of weeks ago!

Rendered in Vain!

Emil Nyström


24 Feb 2011

Economics have never been my thing. But it has to be done. So today we had a meeting to go through all the bands economics after the tour and a couple of other things. I really appreciate the fact that we have a auditor who helps us with all that stuff. But there is still alot of things and counting we need to do our selves.

If anyone have plans in forming their own company or becoming more serious with your project I strongly recommend you to get one. It's like the base of everything you do and having a good one will keep you on your feet.

Back to the hard work now!

Guitars - Zonaria

Emil Nyström

Movie recommendation of the day

22 Feb 2011

I just want to recommend a great movie I watched today - Lemmy The Movie! It catches the very essence of everything he's about and even if you are not a Motörhead fan you have to love Lemmy.

Guitars - Zonaria


Ok, so the blogging continues.

21 Feb 2011

And so does the sickness. Cebbe had a burning fever on the flight home. Max coughed up his lungs, I had sinus-problems. And after finally landing in Umeå after 3 flights we had to go straight to the doctor for antibiotics. We waited four hours for a doctor who only needed 7 minutes to tell Caleb he had AIDS. One jar of gypsy tears later and it was fixed.

Caleb is now up and running again, playing guitar. I´m gonna wait a few days for my health to return before I do the last bit of vocals for the album. Can´t be too much left. I´m so excited to be finished with this sucker.

Vocals - Zonaria


Boredom in Belfast

20 Feb 2011

As you all know from my previous post we had a quite early day in Belfast. And going up early have never been our thing. So this is the boredom that strikes when you unleash the fury of Zonaria in a town centre early morning...


Home sweet ho... illness.

19 Feb 2011

So all of us happy campers are now home from the tour, we have been having a blast on the road doing what we do best - but it’s always nice to relax after. Me, myself and I are at least trying. I’ve been sick for a week now and I know that both caleb and Cebbe also have fallen in to illness after the tour.

Problem is that you don’t feel how exhausted you are intill you get home. And that’s not always nice…

But anyhow I’d like to thank everyone who came out and watched us on my first tour with Zonaria and we will back soon!

Bass - Zonaria


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