Last part of the video diary - 13 Dec 2006


Day 17 -FINAL DAY! (Bass/vocal sessions) - 02 Dec 2006

Great news folks, we are done with the recordings of our debute album! We finished the last acoustic guitars about one hour ago. Per (Nilsson, Scar Symmetry) did a guest appearance and played all acoustic guitars and it sounds so sweet and evil. In other words we are done here in Gävle after two weeks of 24-hour-a-day studio work. It has been two busy but insanely fun weeks in Studio Kabyss. We are bored now and already longing for the recording of the sequel! Hopefully we get to work with Per again because he has done such an amazing work with us.

We also made the part 2 of our Studio diary video documentation. It will be online on monday! Be shure to check it out here!


Day 17 (Drum/vocal sessions) - 01 Dec 2006

Emanuel checking in from the mental institution!

I’m finished! All drums are now recorded, 12 full songs plus and intro.
The recording didn’t go as smooth as I had hoped for since there where some technical trouble in the drum studio we used, but now it’s all done and I’m really satisfied.

Now we’re all done with the guitar leads and solos and it sounds fucking awesome!
So now there are only some bass and a bit vocals left and then it will be ready to be mix by Jonas Kjellgren.

5 things I’ll do after I’ve written this:
1. Take a leak
2. Go and buy a pizza and a coke
3. Eat the fucking pizza (of course!)
4. Take a shit
5. Enjoy myself by watching a moive

We are also putting together the second and final part of the studio video dairy which will be up on one or two days – so stay tuned!

Day 16 (Guitar/vocal/drum sessions) - 30 Nov 2006

Hey everyone! Sorry for not keeping you updated the last three days, but we've been kinda busy in the studio. We have now recorded almost all guitar solos, vocals for nine tracks, and drums for eight tracks. In other words; huge progress the last days. Cebbe have been drumming like a maniac recording up to 5 songs on one day as most. And that day he didn't even play for more than 6 hours. So as you see it is going really well.

Last day we bought some new bass strings, since we are going to record bass some day soon too ;). We also had a nice sweet ass pizza at Nattis, where they do the biggest Pizzas in the world. And the Kebab is really amazing too. Damn i wish you could taste their food... mmm... foood... ehrum, back to business...

For those of you who always wanted to see Simon in thongs, you'll have your chance this weekend, since i got some really nice video shots on him while he was singing with his boxers pulled up, so they look like thongs. Damn, i forgot everything thats happened the last few days. To many things going on inside my head. I'll make sure someone posts another diary entrance this evening and tomorrow. Otherwise; sue me!

Today i have two lists, the first one is the gay list in Pers studio, since Cebbe arrived it has changed a bit... and even though he is by far the worst guitarplayer ever entered this world. He is so fucking gay that he has to be the number one gay;
1. Emanuel "Cebbe" Isaksson
2. Per Nilsson
3. Simon Berglund
4. Emil Nyström

Damnit, I'm still the last one... ehm, i mean "wohooo".

List number to follows.
Top 5 fun things to do in the studio:
1. Urinate with an open bathroom door and not washing hands afterwards.
2. Run around in your underwear.
3. Reading the ingredients on all the food boxes we have collected during these days.
4. Not shower for loads of days and then smell each others armpits.
5. Actually record things for the album.


Day 13 (Guitar/drums/vocal sessions) - 27 Nov 2006


My first entry in this studio diary, wohoo!!
Yesterday we set up all the drums and that stuff, so we thought we’d be able to start recording today…well, guess what? Almost everything that could fuck up... got fucked up! Me and Per spent most of the day fixing all sessions, channels, sounds, click etc. Finally we got everything to work but Per had to run off for his rehearsal with one of his bands.
We could at least start on one track though, so we didn’t end the day without anything recorded. Tomorrow we'll set the alarm early to catch up with the schedule. It shouldn’t be much of a problem now when everything is up and running.

Anyway, while me and Per worked on our stuff, Simon and Emil started to record some lead guitars and vocals. It sounds fucking killer! I really look forward to the day you’ll all hear it!

Now we’re just taking it easy, I’m writing all this, Emil is surfing the net and Simon rehearsing some solos. Soon we’ll watch Mission Impossible 3 and maybe grab some snacks.

5 things I sucked at today:
1. Making dinner
2. Remember to take a shower
3. Being social with my girlfriend in the phone
4. Wipe my ass
5. Remember to write this list

Here you have a video of what we’ve done the past week, enjoy!

That’s all for now – catch ya all later!


Day 11 (Guitar session) - 26 Nov 2006

Holy shit! Tomas Haake is a good drummer! Last night Per gave us tickets for the Meshuggah drum'n'bass clinic. And it was so damn good. Unfortunately we didn't get any chance to discuss anything with them after the clinic, but we got to ask some quickies. Those bastards rehearsed for 15 hours straight when they were young. Damn, I wish I had that stamina.

After the clinic Cebbe arrived. Now we are three Zonaria members crushing gävle, and not two, and we're going to have such a great time. We just started recording the LAST guitar tracks for the upcoming album. I finished my part and now Simon is doing his duty on the sevenstring. I can inform you that this track is nothing but a best that surely will show up as a music video sometime before the album is released.

Tomorrow Jonas (Kjellgren) will come down to Gävle and check on how we're doing with the recordings. First of we're going to record some of the vocal parts and later on the evening we'll start setting up the drums. Wohaa, I'm really excited.

At the moment the clock is 00:56 and I'm tired as hell, but we've got loads of work to do before sleep. Cebbe is working some on the studio video wich will be up by monday, Simon and Per are still recording guitar tracks and I'm just fooling around on Pers other guitar, trying to improve my shredding skills ;). Still long way to go.

Top 5 liquids I've been drinking in the studio:
1. Ice Tea - 6 liter
2. Milk - 3 liter
3. Water - 1,5 liter
4. Mineral water - 1 liter
5. Urin - 0,5 liter


Day 10 (Guitar session) - 25 Nov 2006

Well today we got a bit lazy so we only recorded one song and then stopped. After all it is friday and we have to sacrifice some time for drinking and relaxing, just get away from the recording. We have now finished 11 songs and got some more left but it will be done tomorrow. Also tomorrow is the day when Cebbe will arrive here in Gävle. He will start the drumming on Sunday in a different studio. Per bought us pizza today and they were bigger than any ones I’ve seen before so we had to take the leftover back home with us.

I´m looking forward to finish all guitars and start my vocals for the record. I usually warm up by shouting in Pers apartment early in the morning with my mp3-player on max volume to get into the right mutha´ fuckin´ rockstar feeling.

Today’s top 3 beers:

1. Bass
2. Lapin Kulta
3. Odin


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